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Pasta with Rapini (Broccoli Rabe) Recipe

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Try this pasta. It is quick, very easy, healthy and delicious.

1. Medium size pasta such as penne rigata (1 pound)
2. olive oil (1c)
3. rapini (broccoli rabe) cleaned tough stem discarded cut into 2 inch piece (2pounds)
4. balsamic vinegar (2tbsp)
5. minced garlic (4large cloves)
6. crushed red peppers (optional)
7. freshly grated parmesan cheese (1/2c)
8. salt and pepper (to taste)

Method of preparation:-
1. Take a large saute pan. Place it over medium heat. Add olive oil in it and heat it. Add garlic and saute it for 1 minute. Now add rapini and little water for moisture. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.

2. Cover the pan and cook it for about 5 minutes. Then add balsamic vinegar, crushed red pepppers and again cook for about 15 minutes until the stems get tender.

3. Meanwhile take a pot of salted water. Boil it add pasta in it. Cook it until the pasta gets firm or al dente. Then drain the pasta and reserve little water for sauce.

4. When the sauce gets ready then adds pasta with reserve water in it and adds optional crushed red pepper. Toss them well to mix. Serve it immediately with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Number of servings – 4

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